The UWHPortal has grown from Jim Lester’s wavemaking website: uwhscores.com . We would like to thank him for his help and support in making this new site a success!

As with Jim’s original site, a main benefit of the UWHPortal is to be a source of valuable tournament information. We are building upon the wonderful resource he started and adding even more features to it.

We have expanded beyond the schedule and team information to include all aspects of the tournament experience, from the initial announcement through to the final standings for organizers, players, and now referees.

The list of upgrades we have planned for the future is extensive and there are several features we plan to release in the next few months that we are excited to share with you now; you can see some more information about those below.

If you have any other ideas for features please let us know by contacting us at support@atlantissports.org or fill out this form, thank you!

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iconFuture Features

This page will show the player’s personal information, federation status, club affiliation, your preferred roster name, and stat history. If you want to know how many goals you scored or how many penalty minutes you have had in your career, those stats will now be provided to you (if the tournaments used the Atlantis Time and Score software). If you are also a referee, your referee rank and comment history will also be available. This page will also show any events you are attending, or have expressed interest in, and any programs you are involved in.

It is our hope that due to the many benefits this site offers that nearly all UWH events around the world will want to use this site for their tournaments. As it becomes more widely used, events, especially international events, will become more accessible as players and referees are able to find events more easily.

For tournament organizers, UWHPortal.com handles all the difficult tasks of tabulating standings automatically and in real time. All you need to do is enter the final scores from each game, which can be done manually from an internet connected device or automatically if the Atlantis Time and Score software is used. UWHPortal.com will then take care of all the point calculations and all the tie breakers too. No more frantically doing math on the back of a wet schedule to figure out the bracket games!

Players can follow their teams schedule, which is updated continuously throughout the tournament, and their team’s standings. As games are played the bracket schedule is filled in based on the standings and game results.

Referees are able to see their schedule, log their games, and receive feedback from their evaluators all in the same place.

For any given tournament you are attending as a player you will have a Player Profile where you will be able to add tournament specific information such as your player number and any pictures for that event. This information will be displayed on your team’s page and on the video feed (if Atlantis is providing the video services for the event). Also if a tournament you are attending is in progress it will show your team information and upcoming game schedule.

For any given tournament you are attending as a referee you will have a Referee Profile where you will be able to add tournament specific information, such as your preferred display name and any pictures for that event. This information will be displayed on the referee schedule, your log book comment field for each game, and on the video feed (if Atlantis is providing the video services for the event). You will have the ability to add your comments for games you refereed and have your games/comments be evaluated.

Each country/federation, and the international community at large, can have a multitude of UWH programs such as the national teams, juniors efforts, etc. Keeping communication between the members of these programs can be burdensome with the need to keep email lists up to date and getting the word out to potential new members. Leaders and organizers will be able to create a program and players will be able to choose to join that program to receive announcements and sign-up for events. Organizers will also be able to invite players or post information to the public news portion of the site. This lets users choose which information they are interested in receiving.

We are adding features to allow people to manage their clubs, including to RSVP for practices. Since this tool will be used more often we hope that the information will stay up to date and useful. As the site becomes more popular and as people travel they can see where practices are and RSVP seamlessly from within their own profiles.